Everhot Stainless Steel Grill


Everhot have been making iconic energy efficient cookers for over 40 years, but great cooking doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen.

With more focus than ever on meeting friends and family outside, the Everhot Grill takes our passion for cooking and great food outdoors. Based on an Argentinian ‘asado’ grill, the Everhot Grill is cooking in its purest form – fire, a grill and meat.

Cooking over a wood fire adds deep layers of flavour to your meat and the large height adjustable cooking grill makes cooking over wood or charcoal simple and intuitive.

The cornerstone of Argentinian asado cooking is long slow cooking, to slow the cooking process down or keep food warm simply raise the grill, sit back, and enjoy time with friends and family while your meat cooks gently over the fire. At the end of cooking when the fire is dying down, rather than having to add more fuel, you can make the most of the last of the heat by simply lowering the grill and gathering the embers to finish cooking.

The height adjustable grill makes BBQing relaxed and effortless, giving you the ability to accelerate or slow the cooking process to suit your mood. High temperature cooking is made easy by simply lowering the grill towards the fire, searing meat could not be easier and if things start getting too hot simply raise the grill to reduce the heat.

The steady and controllable cooking process means that perfectly cooked, tender meat is easily achieved. The relaxed nature of cooking on an asado grill gives you time to enjoy the social element of cooking, the large cooking area affords plenty of room to cook different cuts of meat at the same time, no one ever leaves an asado hungry!

The Everhot Grill can be used freestanding or built in as the focal point of an outdoor kitchen.

Due to the high levels of insulation the grill can be used freestanding or can be built in as part of an outdoor kitchen. The firebox base is lined with oven grade fire brick and unlike many other grills of this type, the sides of the firebox are also insulated minimising heat loss and directing heat upwards to the cooking grill.

The full-width firebox door allows easy access to adjust the embers to control both heat and flavour. Better still when it is time to clean the firebox the door simply lifts off for easy access.

The grill comes set up and ready to cook with two heavy duty stainless steel grill bars, each of these are interchangeable with
the optional Parilla Grill and Chapa Plate which add yet more flexibility and provide dual cooking zones, so whether you are a BBQ aficionado looking for the perfect reverse seared steak, or simply cooking for the family, the Everhot Grill is a joy to use and takes
the guesswork out of cooking over fire.

Hand-built in the Cotswolds from thick marine grade stainless steel the Everhot Grill is designed to last a lifetime. As you would expect from an Everhot product it is finished to the highest standards, every detail from the hand polished ratchet wheel which locks into place with every turn, to the hand turned oak handle, has been carefully designed to provide the best possible cooking experience.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Enhance your grilling experience
The Parilla grill is perfect for searing at high heat and for long gentle cooking. The V shaped grill design channels oils and fats into the drip tray avoiding flare-ups which can spoil the flavour of your meat.
The Chapa plate adds yet more flexibility to cooking on the grill, giving further options to cook vegetables, eggs, flat breads and so much more. It is reversible and can be used to channel oil away from food or turned over and used to fry.
If you intend to leave the grill outside for extended periods, the stainless-steel weather shield is perfect for protecting the firebox from the elements and ensures that the grill is ready for use year-round.
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